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Fashion Designer

1. It’s easy
2. It’s mature
3. Comfortable
4. Quiet & discreet
5. It’s modist
6. People are frightened
7. It’s organic and part of nature
8. Doesn’t get dirty
9. Doesn’t change the color
10. If it fades away - dye it
11. It’s chic & elegant
12. Professional
13. Everlasting & immortal
14. It fits to every occasion
15. Looks good in rain & sun
16. It’s lazy
17. Retouches uncomfortable zones of the body
18. Layering works the best
19. Multiple materials & fabrics are available in Black
20. Black doesn’t hurt the eye
21. Texture!
22. Creates contrasts in weight & shine
23. It’s intellectual
24. Works in every country worldwide
25. Priest & nuns are wearing Black
26. It’s the Color of the working class
27. Perfect Uniform
28. Makes people think & wonder
29. It’s a communication tool
30. Standard for creatives
31. Very easy to combine
32. Easy for traveling
33. Every silhouette works
34. Black is for all ages
35. Not see-through
36. Fits in the Zeitgeist
37. Everything looks good in black
38. Secure feeling
39. It’s serious
40. Graceful
41. It seperates you from your parents
42. Ppl think you do black magic & voodoo, in the worst case you worship the devil
43. It’s fun to be provocative
44. It’s arrogant and says without a word “mind your business”
45. Gets more attention than color
46. Absorbs the light & doesn’t reflect the light
47. It’s humble
48. Headlines you as an individual
49. Being part of a small group of people that share the same interest
50. You can have 5x the same shirt and no one notice that you actually have it 5x
51. In a clothing store you will be asked by costumers to help them out “Sorry, I’m not working here”
52. I rather be a warrior than a worrier
53. Color means you’re happy or in a mood, black simply means you don’t want to show of your mood & feelings
54. Black is saving time. You don’t need to figure out what combination works.
55. Fits to every type of skin & human
56. It’s poetic. Imagine a poet in a bright yellow robe
57. Ppl on the social media get crazy because you share the same interest as them
58. You like the Addams family
59. Everything you buy has to be in black. If it isn’t Black - put it back.
60. You’re social surrounding will know your taste and expect you to chose Black. If you don’t - they might be surprised.
61. Your underwear is also Black.
62. Showering everyday is a must, bc the dust of Black fabric is unpredictable.
63. You prefer not being innocent & nice. That’s why you don’t want to wear white
64. You’re way too messy to wear white anyway
65. At first was the word and the word was with god, afterwards came the light
66. People take you as a goth or a fetish lover. It’s small thinking.
67. You don’t want to be seen in public, you like to stand in a corner.
68. You barely like the sun.
69. No one will see you’re sweating through your clothes
70. The older you get, the less loud you want to wear.
71. You listen to every type of music, not only heavy metal.
72. There’s a difference btw heavy metal black obsessed than just normal people that are obsessed with black.
73. People categorize you with a certain group of people that wear black, but you don’t give a shit because you know better.
74. People stop you in public to tell you about God, in the worst case they preach and try to proselyte you. Ignore them, you’re probably more religious than them.
75. Telling people that you’re actually inspired by voodoo is shocking them, it scares them - it’s fun, because anyway it’s not their business.
76. You live in your own world you are creating.
77. You might look strong, but you’re still afraid, insecure, soft & have normal feelings as others
78. You like fog & gloomy days
79. Jazz mentality
80. Everyone is overreacting because you’re wearing black. Get over it!
81. Stop discussing with ppl, it has no worth. Do what you want and be an individual. They won’t never understand.
82. You know by touching the fabric what garment it is, even tho everyone else sees a bunch of black fabric thrown together
83. You prefer shopping with a goal
84. You’re not an over buying costumer. You buy the stuff you really like, want, need and wear.
85. Wearing black is a very good discipline. Personally & for the outside world. Translates to many different life situations.
86. You can look sloppy, but it’s still elegant
87. You like contrast with white, even tho it’s just a pair of shoe.
88. Maybe you’re going through a situation in lifetime where you’re sick of black. But don’t worry, you’ll get back to it.
89. Black is your best friend.
90. You don’t see it anymore bc it’s so normal to you. People still react to it, but you don’t really understand why.
91. Preferably the house you live in is black. It does exist. If you can’t make it to live in one, you take photos if you ever pass one
92. Black and white have the same effect to you: it’s clean & minimalistic
93. You make a lot of noise, even tho it’s not considered to make a lot of noise.
94. Black stands for protest, it’s the color of the Avant-garde.
95. You like every shape & silhouette: from simple, to classic over to geometric & drapey.
96. You denounce the thrill of fashion. With your approach you’re anti fashion, everything that is against the system. You hate mass production.
97. You can spend time with more important things, because black is quick.
98. You don’t actually think about all the reasons from 1-97 bc it comes so natural. And by all the discussions & disagreements about black in general & theory it’s simply
99. Black IS a color!